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Custom Strategy Development, Indicators & Order Entry Forms

Turn your trading ideas into reality.

Fast, accurate, and affordable.

Always professional and confidential. 

Since 2004, PowerZone Trading has offered custom programming services to zero in on our clients' specific needs. As a TradeStation EasyLanguage Specialist, we create customized TradingApps, studies, strategies, and personalized order entry interfaces designed to your exact specifications. TradeStation EL and OOEL code are like a second language to us!

Our clients include hundreds of individual investors, as well as institutional trading firms and commercial indicator vendors. We offer a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to all our prospective clients to ensure your ideas and/or existing model will not be shared with any third parties. 


If you have an idea you'd like to discuss, please contact us for a free estimate.

Custom Strategy Development

Strategy automation is a powerful tool that can help you place faster and more accurate trades without having to manually enter and exit each trade. Strategy development, historical testing (aka backtesting), and optimization are integral parts of creating winning trading programs—but they require experience and programming skills. We offer custom strategy programming for clients interested in this type of system trading.

Developing a strategy requires a complete set of rules for trade entries and exits. If you have a creative trading idea, we can help turn it into a full functioning strategy. We develop custom strategies for all markets and charting intervals, and specialize in developing intraday (day trading) strategies for the E-mini futures markets.

To get started, you'll need to provide the rules or methodology for your strategy. We can include optional money management algorithms and/or time filtering that can help to create a more robust system. While the price of each strategy depends on the complexity of the rules, the cost of a full-functioning intraday strategy typically starts at about $250.

Custom Charts & RadarScreen Studies

Designed to your exact specifications, PowerZone Trading's custom chart and RadarScreen studies can act as powerful visual references to help you see unique opportunities in the market. Almost any trading concept can be converted into an indicator that allows you to make a clear judgment and take subsequent action in the markets.

We understand the needs of traders and investors and specialize in designing easy-to-use studies and indicators that react quickly in fast-paced markets. We can build studies that not only alert you when optimal conditions have been met, but that also identify when conditions are close to being met.

To develop a custom study or indicator, all we need is your idea/calculation and how you want it to look. Custom indicators can be applied to charts and RadarScreens, or can export data to Microsoft Excel—or we can create a completely new TradingApp for you. We can also offer suggestions based on our experience to help you create bold graphic user interfaces and data visualizations. The cost for each custom indicator varies depending on complexity; we are happy to provide you with a free cost estimate for your project. 

Custom Order Entry Interfaces & Forms

Many traders enjoy the speed and convenience of entering trades directly from their charts. We can design custom order entry and trade management interfaces that allow you to place trades, manage your positions, or automate elements of a trade—all while keeping your focus directly on the chart. While different from system trading, where all aspects of the trade are automated, custom order entry tools allow you to maintain complete control of your trading. Custom buttons can be added to any chart, allowing faster trade executions or creating specific trade orders.

Custom order entry interfaces may also be used to automate trade entries over a portfolio of symbols, or to allow trades to be generated directly from a study or indicator. We can provide examples of popular order entry interfaces, or you can send us a mockup of how you would like yours to display. The cost for this service depends on complexity and usually starts around $300.

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