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VSTOPS 2.0 for TradeStation
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Indicator and PaintBar Study

The VSTOPS 2.0 indicator package provides an innovative method of calculating stop levels based on market activity. This package includes both an indicator and a paintbar study that work together to give traders an objective method of determining a trading condition as well as providing definitive stop levels. VSTOPS 2.0 uses an extremely fast filter to determine market volatility, and step-up stop levels to help traders protect their profits.

VSTOPS 2.0 displays a dotted line representing the current stop level that is displayed below the current price for long conditions, and above the current price for short conditions. As price continues into a trend, the indicator recalculates these stops, moving them closer to the direction of the current price.

The indicator has a user-friendly color-coding system so you can quickly identify the condition of the market, and this feature is customizable. By default, green represents long conditions, red represents short conditions and blue represents a transition (between long and short). As price transitions, a blue dot appears at the point where price penetrates the stop level. In many cases, this represents the end of a price move and a change in the trend.

The VSTOPS 2.0 trading software is a Pro release of our original VSTOPS package. You can now sync VSTOPS exactly to tick values, allowing you to place trades with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, VSTOPS 2.0 has been redesigned to have a smoother response to market spikes, eliminating the potential for false signals and improving the predictability of the signals.

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