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See Inside The Price Bars

The BAR ANALYZER allows traders to visualize the forces inside a price bar. Using advanced concepts that include volume profile, market depth, support/resistance and historical analysis, traders can quickly and accurately see this information come to life on a price chart. With its easy-to-use and customizable interface, the BAR ANALYZER provides users with a unique view of the markets that can help spot profitable trading opportunities. 

A custom designed form provides the main interface for the BAR ANALYZER and includes five analysis modules, or blocks. The form graphically displays real-time market information while allowing users to apply sophisticated analysis techniques to their charts simply by clicking buttons and checkboxes. The indicator blocks include market depth analysis, bar progress, price analysis, volume analysis and a chart interval quick select (with eight user-definable intervals).

Other features include automatic support and resistance levels that can be adjusted by simply clicking and dragging the lines projected on the chart. If desired, the lines can match up with specific market depth or volume profile prices. Changes to these lines will be reflected on the Form's bar chart (which can trigger alerts) and help define order placement when used with the Chart Trading app.

Why do traders need the BAR ANALYZER?

    • The BAR ANALYZER allows traders to visualize the forces inside a price bar. 
    • Analysis methods include volume profile, market depth, automated support/resistance and historical price analysis. 
    • An elegant user interface provides both situational awareness and an easy-to-use method of projecting analysis techniques onto a price chart using simple check boxes. 
    • Provides definitive price locations for trade management and/or entries; can be used with the platform's own applications to trade directly from a chart.
    • A powerful intraday trading tool that provides analysis not commonly available within the platform.
    • Even traders who do not typically use technical indicators will enjoy BAR ANALYZER since its calculations are formed directly from price, volume and market depth action (and not a derivative calculation) 

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