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Intraday Multi-View Suite for TradeStation 

Advanced multiple-interval trend analysis for stock and futures traders

The Intraday Multi-View (IMV) Suite provides traders with an innovative method of viewing the market. The IMV Suite allows traders to analyze many different charts and internal market indicators, all in one concise workspace. This indicator package includes five custom indicators and three workspaces designed to help intraday traders analyze multiple markets over multiple time frames. Using a simple color-coding system, traders can easily spot bullish (green), bearish (red) or neutral (yellow) market conditions over a range of several minute, daily and weekly time intervals.

The IMV Indicator Suite includes:

1. PZT MULTI CHART allows traders to view multiple timeframes and establishes the condition of price movement using an adaptive phase indicator. Price phase (bullish, bearish or neutral) is displayed for five different time intervals: 5-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute, daily and weekly. This indicator allows traders to view market information in a way that is easy to process and that takes up significantly less space than traditional charts.

2. PZT MARKET STRENGTH displays the relative strength of four market indicators that are significant to intraday traders. The daily changes of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite, as well as the current levels of NYSE and Nasdaq TICK indices, display a changing color gradient as they pass key threshold levels. This tool quickly and easily allows traders to determine the strength or weakness in the overall market.

3. PZT ADAPTIVE MA is an adaptive moving average that is plotted using statistical calculations to determine an optimal look back period. This indicator displays different colors depending on whether it has a positive or negative slope, and can even display an “adaptive channel” that highlights strong trending price moves. This moving average tracks price very quickly and can be a great intraday tool for determining the strength and direction of a price trend.

4. PZT TEXT ALERTS provides two lines of text that alerts traders as unique conditions in the market develop. The top line alerts traders to critical points in the trading day where price reversals are likely to occur. The second line alerts traders to dynamic short-term market moves that may lead to strong trends or key market reversals.

5. PZT PIVOTS are used to display seven important support and resistance levels that are projected as a series of horizontal lines on the price chart along with accompanying text. In addition, the previous day’s high, low, open, and closing prices can be displayed as horizontal lines and text.

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