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High Performance Intraday Analysis Suite for TradeStation

A powerful collection of trading tools for e-mini stock index futures and Forex traders

The High Performance Intraday Analysis (HPIA) Suite offers seven innovative indicators and nine individual workspaces designed to help day traders maintain a high level of situational awareness in the markets. The HPIA indicators are specifically designed for Forex and the E-mini index futures contracts (S&P 500 E-mini, Russell 2000 E-mini, NASDAQ 100 E-mini, Dow mini-sized) and can help traders spot high probability day trading setups as soon as they occur. All of these custom indicators are designed to perform fast and reliably in volatile intraday markets.

The HPIA Indicator Suite includes:

1. PZT ADAPTIVE MA is an adaptive moving average that is plotted using statistical calculations to determine an optimal look back period. This indicator displays different colors depending on whether it has a positive or negative slope, and can even display an “adaptive channel” that highlights strong trending price moves. This moving average tracks price very quickly and can be a great intraday tool for determining the strength and direction of a price trend.
2. PZT POWER PIVOTS are used to display eleven important support and resistance levels that are projected as a series of horizontal lines on the price chart along with accompanying text. Since E-minis trade during multiple session times, these custom pivots points are calculated by determining an overall high, low and closing price from two separate sessions. In addition, the previous day’s high, low, open and closing prices can be displayed as a horizontal line and as text.  

4. PZT AUTO TREND automatically draws trendlines on a price chart. This intuitive indicator helps traders spot areas of support and resistance that often lead to dynamic price breakouts. Many traders have found this indicator “magically” draws the exact trendline they were about to draw manually.

3. PZT TICK COUNTDOWN displays the number of ticks or the volume remaining in the current bar of a tick or volume interval chart. A countdown meter acts much like a price display on a gas pump, which allows you to judge the flow of gas into your car by the speed at which the price scrolls by. Looking inside a price bar using a countdown meter allows a trader to gain instantaneous information about the speed of the market. 

5. PZT TEXT ALERTS provides a line of text that alertstraders as unique conditions in the market develop. Alerts include critical points in the trading day where price reversals are likely to occur, as well as dynamic short-term market moves that may lead to strong trends or key market reversals.
6. PZT PROOF is a powerful adaptive oscillator based on a statistical range of price action. Similar to a stochastic indicator, it creates values by comparing the distance between closing prices and highs or lows. While the calculations are somewhat complex, it forms a fast moving oscillator that can be useful in determining price swings on intraday charts.

7. PZT THERMOMETER measures the “temperature” of a market by comparing the current closing price to the high or low of the day. This custom indicator displays a temperature reading as a percentage of price difference and can offer a quick reference for the magnitude of a price move or trend.

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