Custom Strategy Development,
Indicators and Workstation Designs

For the most individualized attention, PowerZone Trading offers custom programming services to zero in on your exact needs. As a registered TradeStation EasyLanguage Specialist and TradeStation Add-On Independent Developer, we can create customized trading programs complete with backtesting, as well as indicators and alerts, and personalized workstation designs.  In addition to TradeStation EasyLanguage programming, our services include MultiCharts Power Language

Trading Strategy Development and Backtesting

"The biggest advantage of system trading may be the ability to take away some of the emotion from trading. Since these systems can trade completely mechanically based on predetermined rules, dealing with losses or second-guessing a trade entry will not affect system performance. In addition, since the trading decisions are purely objective, they can be automatically executed with extremely fast reaction times.” 
—Lee Leibfarth, Stocks & Commodities, March 2006

Programming allows traders to develop and test ideas before putting them in the market.  Strategy development and backtesting are integral parts of creating winning trading programs, and they require patience and programming skills. Strategy automation is a powerful tool that can help active traders place faster and more accurate trades. PowerZone Trading offers custom strategy automation programming for clients interested in this type of system trading.

Backtesting on historical data shows traders how a given system might perform in the future. One of the dangers of backtesting, however, is over-optimization, which can make a poor system look terrific on paper. PowerZone Trading can methodically and realistically backtest trading systems to help traders determine if systems are ready to trade in the markets.

Custom Indicators and Alerts

Designed to your exact specifications, PowerZone Trading's custom indicators act as powerful visual references that help you see unique opportunities in the market. Almost any trading concept can be converted into an indicator that allows you to make a clear judgment and subsequent market action.

PowerZone Trading  understands the needs of traders and investors, and specializes in designing easy-to-use TradeStation and MultiChart indicators that react quickly to fast-paced markets. We build indicators that not only alert traders when optimal conditions have been met, but that also identify when conditions are close to being met. Accelerate your reaction time with
a custom technical indicator.

Personalized Desktop and Workstation Designs

" charts need to be crisp, colorful and easy to read to help traders make split-second decisions. For day traders that are entering or exiting a trade, a quick reaction time means money.”  —Lee Leibfarth, Futures Magazine, January 2006

Traders’ decisions are based on their interpretation of current market conditions as seen through their charts and indicators. Results are optimized when traders have access to easy-to-understand charts. PowerZone Trading works with clients to develop and design custom desktops and workstations that are easy to read, especially at a glance. Our custom desktops and workstations help clients quickly react to setups as soon as they occur.


PowerZone Trading offers consulting services to help you make the most of your trading, whether you want to learn tips and tricks for using the TradeStation platform or how to code your own strategies. Our custom programming and consultation services are designed to help you make better trading decisions. Our services are confidential, flexible and affordable.  If you have an idea that you would like to discuss, please contact for a free estimate.