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Webinar - 5 Steps to Automate Your Trading

Jean Folger - Monday, December 08, 2014

Automated trading allows traders to validate ideas, minimize emotions, respond faster to changing market conditions, eliminate pilot-error mistakes, and achieve greater consistency in trading. The VSTOPS ProTrader strategy template is an innovative tool that lets you plan, test and trade your own day or swing trading system – with no programming required. You customize the strategy to match your trading style, risk tolerance and goals. The logic for the strategy is based on the popular VSTOPS indicator package, which uses an extremely fast filter to determine market volatility, so you can enter trends early and manage trades to take and protect profits as trends continue.


PowerZone Trading's award-winning Lead Developer, Lee Leibfarth, recently hosted a webinar where he explained the 5 steps to automate your short-term trading using VSTOPS ProTrader:

1.       Plan – outline your strategy: entries, exits and money management

2.       Test – backtest your strategy and evaluate performance reports

3.       Optimize – improve the strategy’s performance

4.       Walkforward – use out-of-sample and/or forward data to confirm results

5.       Trade – Automate the strategy!


View the webinar recording!