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New Product - VSTOPS ProTrader

Jean Folger - Friday, November 15, 2013

The VSTOPS ProTrader strategy template in an innovative trading tool that makes it possible to build, test and trade your own profitable day or swing trading system - no programming required. The logic for the strategy is based on the popular VSTOPS indicator package, which uses an extremely fast filter to determine market volatility so you can enter trends early and manage trades to take and protect profits as trends continue. VSTOPS ProTrader can be easily customized to suit different trading styles (scalp, day or swing), risk tolerances and profit goals.

PowerZone Trading's Lee Leibfarth introduced VSTOPS ProTrader at a recent event hosted by NInjaTrader. During the presentation, Lee covered:

  • How to build, test and trade your own robust short-term trading system using the VSTOPS ProTrader strategy template
  • Customization features of VSTOPS ProTrader
  • How to backtest and optimize your strategy
  • The benefits of strategy automation, and how to automate your VSTOPS ProTrader strategy



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