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Improving Market Awareness with BAR ANALYZER

Jean Folger - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For many traders, a price chart reveals only five pieces of market data: the open, high, low and close of the bar, and the volume during that period. While this information is important, traders can take a closer look inside the price bars to uncover valuable and actionable market information that can improve situational awareness and trading performance.

PowerZone Trading's Lee Leibfarth recently presented a Trade Like a Pro webinar hosted by NinjaTrader. During the presentation, Lee covered:

  • Why the pros trade with price and volume analysis, and why you should too
  • How to find key support and resistance levels using market depth
  • Volume profile, and how volume nodes can be used to locate high probability trading opportunities
  • How to trade directly from your price chart to make more precise trade orders
  • How our popular VSTOPS 2.0 indicator can work with the BAR ANALYZER to ride strong trends

Missed the webinar, or just want to see it again? Watch the recording to see how the BAR ANALYZER trading utility can improve your market awareness.