PowerZone Trading FAQ

Please browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to our website.

 1. Are your indicators tested in a live market?

  • Yes! All of our trading indicators were developed and tested in a variety of live market conditions.

 2. Can I use an indicator on more than one computer?

  • Many traders have a desktop computer at home and a laptop for travel. We are happy to provide up to two licenses per indicator for your personal use. Just let us know if you require an additional license.

 3. Can I view or change the code for an indicator?

  • Our indicators are proprietary in nature and are sold closed-source, meaning you will not be able to view or modify the code. If you would like to incorporate an indicator into a trading strategy, we can provide custom programming based on your specifications.

 4. How do I find my customer number in TradeStation?

  • To find your customer number in TradeStation:
    1. Open TradeStation
    2. Click on Help
    3. Select About TradeStation
    4. Your customer number will be displayed under the "licensed to:" box.
    5. Highlight the number to copy and paste if necessary.

 5. How do I find my machine ID number in NinjaTrader?

  • To find your NinjaTrader machine ID number:

    1. From the NinjaTrader Control Center, click "Help" and choose "3rd Party Licensing"

    2. Enter "PowerZoneTrading" in the "Vendor name" field (be sure there are no spaces)

    3. Enter your first name or initials in the "User defined ID" field

    4. Press the "Submit" button to view your Machine ID number

    5. Copy and paste the number in the appropriate field during checkout

 6. How do I get an estimate for a programming project?

  • In order to provide a time and cost estimate for a custom programming project, we need to know the exact specifications, including entry and exit rules, money management, time frames and settings. Be as concise as possible in your explanation, making objective statements rather than subjective ideas. Any screenshots or pictures showing the look of the indictor/strategy is helpful. Email programming requests to our lead developer Lee Leibfarth at lee@powerzonetrading.com.

 7. How do I install an indicator?

  • Each indicator that we sell comes with Release Notes that include installation instructions. All of the indicators arrive in an email as a link or a file.

 8. How do I know your custom programming is confidential?

  • We respect each client's needs for privacy and confidentiality. We can supply a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if you require; or feel free to send your own for us to review and sign.

 9. How long will it take to receive an indicator that I purchase?

  • We typically process orders within one business day. To expedite an order, please email your machine ID number (for NinjaTrader orders) or your TradeStation customer number to: info@powerzonetrading.com.

 10. Where does the name PowerZone Trading come from?

  • The founders of PowerZone Trading are avid wind sport enthusiasts who are constantly impressed and inspired by the power of the wind. The power zone, in kiting terms, is the place in the sky where a kite gets the most power, or pull, from the wind. It is where you put the kite if you want to maximize its potential. The name PowerZone Trading reflects our desire to provide the highest quality products and services that will have the greatest positive effect on our clients' trading businesses.

 11. Who are PowerZone Trading's clients?

  • Due to confidentiality, we won't list our clients! We serve private traders, as well as institutional traders and fund managers.